A vehicle carrying a family with four girls stopped to pick up an Israeli hitchhiker at the Al-Hader Junction, north of Gush Etzion (Tunnel Checkpoint). Upon identifying the vehicle, a Palestinian man adjacent to the hitchhiker attacked both the passengers and the hitchhiker with acid, wounding them lightly to moderately.

The wounded hitchhiker, along with an additional civilian who was at the scene, began chasing after the terrorist. The terrorist, armed with a screwdriver, then began pursuing the civilians.

An additional civilian who was driving by identified the incident, and attempted to halt the Palestinian with his vehicle. The Palestinian attempted to flee and the driver fired at his lower extremities, identifying two hits.

Palestinian Terrorist Attacks Israeli Civilians With Acid

The terrorist, as well as the victims, received preliminary medical care at the scene.

The terrorist has been identified as a 44 year old male from Nehalin. He is known to have been previously involved in illegal and hostile riots and activities.

In addition, a joint IDF (Zahal), ISA, and Israeli Police investigation concludes that the incident at Huwwara this morning was a car accident.