Minister Amir Peretz

Passover Greetings From the Minister
Minister Amir Peretz 

​On this eve of Passover, I wish you and your families a happy holiday.

This holiday, we in Israel will all enjoy the spectacular bloom, as well as Passover Seders with our families, which represent the passage of the nation of Israel from slavery to freedom.

​Even today, more than 3,000 years after the parting of the Red Sea, we are still coping with the challenges of exodus from slavery. We continue to be slaves to polluting oil and to the consumer culture, both of which result in environmental crisis. While we have already seen, and certainly felt, signs of that crisis, it is not too late. Passover symbolizes the arrival of spring – a time of prosperity and renewal – and indeed we are beginning to see change. Who would have imagined, for example, that two of the main issues in the U.S. presidential election would be the environment and "green" energy.

Here in Israel, as well, we are in the midst of a courageous environmental revolution that will ultimately create thousands of new jobs and encourage technological innovation. Most of all, this revolution will allow our children and grandchildren to enjoy future Passovers in an environment that is green, diverse, and accessible.

All my life I fought for social justice, but in truth, we cannot distinguish between social justice and environmental justice. In my new role as Minister of Environmental Protection, I intend to achieve true environmental justice. I will invest whatever is necessary and will stand up without hesitation for all elements in nature that are sacred creations of God, that were given to us for safekeeping for future generations. We must watch over them.

Cooperation between countries and combining our strengths will ensure a future that protects all of us; a clean and pleasant and non-polluted future that each and every person, regardless of the state of his bank account, can enjoy.

Happy holiday,

MK Amir Peretz
Minister of Environmental Protection