Hybrid Car. Photo: Avi Moshel

Peretz Praises Treasury for Adopting Suggestion to Tax Polluting Luxury Cars
Hybrid Car 
Photo: Avi Moshel 

​Environmental Protection Minister Amir Peretz praised the Finance Ministry for accepting his request to impose a tax on polluting luxury cars.

Peretz: I congratulate the Treasury for understanding that the message must be conveyed that those who decide to purchase cars that are particularly polluting will pay a higher cost. At the same time, the tax reform must include incentives to buyers to purchase less polluting and more environmentally-friendly cars, such as hybrids and plug-in hybrids."

​Minister Peretz made the request during budget-related meetings with Treasury and Tax Authority officials.

He asked that taxes be raised on luxury cars that are not received from the workplace that have very high pollution levels. These cars tend to cost more than NIS 300,000.

In addition, he demanded that the expected tax reform will significantly benefit those who buy less polluting, more environmentally-friendly cars.

The minister also directed ministry professional to work to raise the standards of "green" cars that would receive tax benefits, so that importers are incentivized to bring in only the most environmentally-friendly cars, like those sold in Europe.