PM Netanyahu Holds Meetings and Jewish New Year Toasts
 Photo by Haim Zah, GPO   

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, today, held meetings and toasts for the Jewish New Year with Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon, IDF Chief-of-Staff Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eisenkot and the IDF General Staff forum, the ISA, and the Israel National Cyber Bureau (INCB).
At the meeting with the ISA, Prime Minister Netanyahu said: "We are facing a changing world and extremist Islam is shaking old conventions. The ground around us is burning and we are experiencing historic shocks. This year, the ISA provided valuable and strategic intelligence for decision-makers in addition to its uncompromising handling of manifestations of extremism and noxious weeds in Israeli society." The Prime Minister thanked the ISA employees and managers for their exceptional, quiet and undercover work and wished them, "Success in the missions and challenges that await us all."
At the meeting with the IDF General Staff forum, Prime Minister Netanyahu said: "I would like to express appreciation for the IDF which safeguards our very existence. Without the IDF there would not be a State of Israel and with the IDF we have a strong State of Israel. We will strengthen the IDF; we will strengthen the state. I wish all Israeli citizens, but especially the commanders and soldiers of the IDF, a good year."
At the INCB, Prime Minister Netanyahu noted the great importance of the cyber sphere and its power in a changing world. He added that the State of Israel views the continued development and strengthening of its cyber abilities as an important component of its economy and security.