PM Netanyahu Meets with Norwegian Foreign Minister Eide
Photo by GPO 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this afternoon met with Norwegian Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said: "This model of a country talking, but at the same time developing nuclear weapons; threatening and at the same time developing nuclear weapons and threatening the use of nuclear weapons, we cannot allow this to happen in Iran. There are many issues in the Middle East, the issues between us and the Palestinians and our quest for peace, there are regional issues but I think they will be overshadowed if Iran believes it has a license to develop atomic weapons and I it pursues the development of these weapons. We have to make sure this doesn’t happen."

Foreign Minister Eide said: "We are on the board of IAEA and I was quite recently seeing Secretary General Amano. We are really concerned about the lack of cooperation and the fact that we’re allowed to go to the irrelevant sites but not to the sites we want to see. This is something that we’re raising the volume on."