PM Netanyahu Remarks at Today's 'Oz L'tmora' Signing Ceremony
Photo by GPO 

"Moments ago the ‘Oz L’tmora’ high school reform was signed.  Thus we are completing the activation of all of the reforms in the education system, from kindergarten to higher education.  This is a very large reform which has been instituted throughout the past two years.  I think that this is a day of tidings for education in Israel.  This is not only about a change in allocations toward education, but also structural changes sanctioned by the teachers, in cooperation with the teachers, and of course, in the improvement of the pupils – that after all is the goal of us all.

My impression is that we are already under change, in a turn-about that expresses itself in its first signs, in our first results.  This change has been born is thanks to everyone’s  involvement, by the Government, and above all the education system and the teachers of Israel, who are beginning to raise education in Israel to its appropriate place, for the country’s  future and the future of our children.

Therefore, I would like to praise Minister of Education Gideon Saar.  I want to praise the people of your ministry, and Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz and the people of his ministry.  And I want to praise you, Ron Erez, on your leadership, and for bringing about this day.

I remember that you spoke with me about it over ten years ago.  So it took us ten years to arrive to this day, and we have arrived, and it is an important day. And what is more important, this day will lead to other even better days for education in Israel, and therefore, much praise and many thanks to everyone.

Thank you."