Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will, on Sunday, 9.1.11, submit for Cabinet approval, an NIS 800 million allocation to prepare the home front for disasters and emergency situations.

According to the decision, NIS 350 million will be allocated to earthquake preparedness and rehabilitating the Home Front Command’s firefighting abilities.  The allocation will also serve for establishing emergency centers in the local council areas, a communications network for emergency bodies and acquiring equipment for the evacuation of 400,000 people.

An additional NIS 350 million will be allocated to the Fire Service and for the establishment of an aerial firefighting force.  NIS 100 million will serve as a supplement to be used for these same goals in emergency situations, according to need.

Responsibility for the Fire service will be transferred from the Interior Ministry to the Public Security Ministry’ legislation to this effect will be advanced.

An authority, led by the Director-General of the Public Security Ministry, will be responsible for the establishment of a national fire service by the end of 2012.  The authority will advance legislation regarding a national fire service law by October 2011 and will conduct a dialogue with the firefighters’ unions.

It will be recalled that the team of director-generals approved an allocation of NIS 80 million in assistance for those communities that were damaged in the Carmel wildfire and in order to provide rental assistance for families whose homes were burnt.  On Sunday, 2.1.11, the Cabinet approved the transfer of NIS 15 million to rehabilitate and upgrade infrastructures in the aforesaid communities.