PM Netanyahu Visits Hyper Casher in Paris
Photo by Haim Zah, GPO 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, accompanied by members of the Paris Jewish community, this afternoon, visited the Hyper Casher in Paris, the site of last Friday’s terrorist attack. He met with Celine Shreki, who had been among the hostages there and who told him about what transpired during the attack. At the end of the visit, the Prime Minister made the following remarks:
"A direct line leads between the attacks of extremist Islam around the world to the attack that took place here at a kosher supermarket in the heart of Paris. I expect all of the leaders, with whom we marched in the streets of Paris yesterday, to fight terrorism wherever it is, also when it is directed against Israel and Jews. Insofar as it depends on me, I will always see to it that Israel marches in the first row of nations vis-à-vis its security and its future."