PM Olmert Meets National Security College Students
Photo by GPO 

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert met this evening  with students from the National Security College and made the following remarks at the start of the meeting:

"We have no quarrel with Lebanon, only with part of its Shi’ite population.  The question is not how many targets have been hit but whether the threat has been lifted.  This is a test of Israel’s resolve.  All of our neighbors are watching us.  We must be patient; we will yet have ups and downs.  The economy has not yet been damaged.  It could be that if we continue, GDP will be hurt.  All ministers and their directors-general are out in the field helping residents and will continue to do so.  While each citizen that has been killed is an entire world in and of him/herself, we must view recent events against the background of suicide attacks, such as that which occurred at the Maxim restaurant on 4.10.03. In coordination with Defense Minister Amir Peretz, I have instructed that a humanitarian corridor be opened in order to transfer aid to the Lebanese, apparently with French assistance."

The officers expressed their appreciation both for the courageous decisions that have been made and for the full backing that the IDF has received.

Prime Minister Olmert and the officers discussed the College’s contribution to their futures in the IDF; the Prime Minister wished them great success.