PM Olmert Meets with Chinese Provincial Leader
Photo by GPO 

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert this morning, met with Du Yuxin, Secy. of the Communist Party of China City Committee for Harbin ) in northeastern China.
Prime Minister Olmert showed his guest a photo of his father, the late Mordechai Olmert (, who lived in Harbin before immigrating to Israel, and said: “This is very moving for me, to host a prominent figure from Harbin, because my family came from there, and I have very warm ties to the area.”  (See
Mr. Yuxin gave Prime Minister photographs of his grandfather’s grave and said: “Before I left for Israel, I visited the school where your father studied.  Today, it is one of the best schools in Harbin.  Due to your family history, we regard you as a local and I am very pleased to have this opportunity to meet with you and tell you so.  We are also pleased to have the opportunity of visiting Israel and hope to forge cooperation with it in many fields.”
Prime Minister Olmert, who was moved by the photographs, which document his grandfather’s grave and the region in which his family lived, said: “I am very grateful to you and would like to tell you that this is a very special moment for me.  I have great faith in the Chinese people, in their abilities and in development, and I am making efforts so that our countries might benefit from successful and fruitful cooperation (”
Prime Minister Olmert expressed his condolences, as well as those of the Israeli people, regarding the severe disaster that struck Sichuan Province following the recent earthquake.