PM Sharon Meets With Israeli National Judo Team
Photo by GPO 

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon met today with the Israeli national judo team. 
At the start of the meeting, the Prime Minister said:
“There is no doubt that two weeks ago, the Israeli national judo team made one of the greatest achievements in the history of Israeli judo when it defeated the Hungarian national team to win the final the Final Four competition at the recent European Team Judo Championships in Budapest.  I want to congratulate Judo federation chairman Eddie Kouez.  There is no doubt that the team’s athletes, led by coach Shuki Kouez, fought bravely to defeat 2004 champion France in the semi-final and then Hungary in the final.
I know that the national team has seven Israeli judokas, four of whom were born in Israel and three from the countries of the former USSR.  I believe that this victory closes an unprecedented year for Israeli judo.  The athletes won medals at the European Youth Championships, the Youth Olympics and the European Championships.  For a team composed entirely of young people, you have a bright future.  I am certain that you will continue to train, participate in tournaments and win.  From Israel’s point-of-view, such an achievement in the international sphere is a contribution to Israel and to its national mood.  Therefore, this was not just a personal victory for you but a victory for all of Israel in the field of sports in which there is great international interest.  Your contribution is considerable and I would very much like to congratulate you.”