Prime Minister Ariel Sharon this evening, received a letter from Moroccan King Mohammed VI in which the latter wrote:

“At the hour in which you are implementing your important and positive decision to withdraw from the Gaza Strip, I would like to commend you for your prudence, long-range view and genuine commitment to reach – via negotiations – a just, comprehensive and lasting peace in the Middle East. This year of peace depends on the Palestinians being given the opportunity to establish an independent state, thus assuring the legitimate right of the State of Israel and all countries in the region to live side by side in peace and security.

I salute your government for its determination to overcome all domestic obstacles and difficulties.  I would also like to reiterate to you Morocco’s sincere desire to remain actively involved – both on an Arab-Islamic level and together with the international community – in efforts to put an end to the Israeli-Arab conflict and to advance the option of peace.  Peace is not just an obligation, it is also the correct way to realize the aspirations of the new generations so that they might dedicate their energies to fruitful cooperation and the building of a promising future by strengthening peace, security, stability, reconstruction, progress, prosperity, co-existence and agreement.

I join all those peace-seeking forces in the world and would like to emphasize that in keeping with my country’s long-standing traditions, I, as King of Morocco and Chairman of the Al-Quds Committee, will be at the forefront of those who support a fair and egalitarian solution.  I hope that the international community will back this decision with brave measures and initiatives, according to the Roadmap and in keeping with international law.
I also hope for genuine and sincere cooperation and coordination between Israel and the Palestinian leadership in order to assist the Palestinian Authority in this difficult mission and to assure the success of the efforts to work together in order to advance the peace process.  Your courageous decision serves as a strong incentive to the taking of the appropriate and fair measures to create a new dynamic that will rekindle hope and bring security to the Children of Abraham.”