Prime Minister Ariel Sharon yesterday evening (Friday), 8.7.05, spoke with British Prime Minister Tony Blair and expressed shock over Thursday’s terrorist attacks in London.

Prime Minister Sharon conveyed his condolences and those of the Israeli people to the British people and said that Thursday’s terrorist attacks in London were an awful and brutal crime, adding that such events only emphasize the fact that there can be no compromise with terrorism, which has become the main danger to the free world.

Prime Minister Sharon offered Israel’s assistance and said that what should have been a happy day following London’s being chosen to host the 2012 Olympics became instead a tragic day.

Prime Minister Sharon told British Prime Minister Blair that he understands the difficult days that the latter and the British people are now going through and offered his support.

British Prime Minister Blair thanked Prime Minister Sharon for the telephone call and for his remarks.  The British Prime Minister said that the Israeli people has also suffered from harsh acts of terrorism and added that on this issue there are strong and deep ties between the two peoples.