Prime Minister Ariel Sharon spoke yesterday evening (Monday), 1.11.04, with Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, who phoned in order to express his regret and outrage over the terrorist attack that occurred in the Carmel market in Tel Aviv yesterday morning. 

Canadian Prime Minister Martin said that at times like these, the Canadian people feel solidarity with Israel.

Canadian Prime Minister Martin also phoned in order to congratulate Prime Minister Sharon on his impressive success in passing the Disengagement Plan in the Knesset, despite various domestic political difficulties.  The Canadian Prime Minister added that Canada supports the Disengagement Plan and is ready to render such assistance as may be necessary in implementing it.

Prime Minister Sharon said that he is determined to implement the Disengagement Plan according to the set timetable.
Prime Minister Sharon said that he initiated the Disengagement Plan in the absence of a Palestinian partner who could implement the Roadmap and added that the Disengagement Plan has the potential of returning to the Roadmap after the Palestinians fight terrorism, dismantle terrorist infrastructures and implement government reforms.

Prime Minister Sharon emphasized that as long as terrorism continues it will not be possible to make progress towards diplomatic negotiations.

Prime Minister Sharon thanked Canadian Prime Minister Martin for his friendship toward Israel and invited him to visit Israel.