The Prime Minister’s Office will transfer NIS 1.5 million to supplement Yad LeBanim institutions in the Druze and Bedouin sectors for 2010 in order to allow these institutions to continue their important activities.  This follows the Government’s approval of Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s proposal to transfer the funds from the PMO budget. 
The PMO has been supplementing these institutions since 2006, in the framework of the multi-year plan to develop the Druze and Bedouin sectors. 
Yad LeBanim in Daliyat Al-Carmel enshrines the memory of 345 fallen members of the Druze community.  Yad LeBanim provides assistance and services to their families and maintains an active hostel and visitor’s center.  The first Druze pre-military academy, in which young members of the Druze community prepare for their IDF service, was recently established adjacent to the center.  The Yad LeBanim building was originally built in 1882 for Sir Laurence Oliphant, his wife Alice and Naftali Herz Imber, the author of Hatikvah.

The Yad LeBanim facility for the Bedouin sector is located at Hamovil junction and enshrines the memory of 167 fallen members of the Bedouin community.  It similarly assists the bereaved families.  The facility also serves as a museum for heritage of the Bedouin community and attracts students and tourists.