Hundreds of police officers and ushers deployed in and outside stadium, security and maintain order and direct the tnoahamshtert Jerusalem completed preparedness for a football game to be held on Monday at the Teddy Stadium in Jerusalem between Heathrow and Hapoel Be’er Sheva.
Some 200 police officers and 250 ushers in game day fan in and outside stadium to save
Order and security, and traffic. In addition to the thousands of policemen and fighters from Jersey
Throughout Jerusalem, and who the audience and friction to maintain security.
The capital’s residents and visitors.

Traffic Division officers in Jerusalem are set to close axes depending on traffic
And capacity for parking: 2510, David Ayalon, Sports Association modai.
It is recommended that you use for axis (route 50) towards Gilo.
Not allowed entry to the vehicle and katamon (except residents). 
For the sake of Hapoel Be’er Sheva f.c. fans allocated garage bind on Benveniste gas station sonol. 

For the best stadium by public transport. 

The police put officers and undercover to maintain order and security, to work with determination and zero tolerance against all who are fans who
Attempts to violate the order.
We encourage residents and fans to be patient, to be the cops.
And allow the audience to enjoy a sporting event.

Translated from Hebrew