Police officers and ushers deployed in and outside stadium, maintain the security and order and regulate the tnoahamshtert Beer Sheva station completed the preparedness for the game to be held today (Sunday) between the acts
Be’er Sheva to Hapoel Tel Aviv at Turner Stadium in Be’er Sheva.
Police officers and ushers deployed today from the afternoon in and outside stadium
Him to maintain the order and security and for regulating and directing traffic.

Due to the expected arrival of thousands of subscribers will block roads training to prevent touch
Unauthorized vehicles to the field and expect heavy traffic.
We recommend to the fans and to the public that comes into play not to get in cars.
Details, since not allowed entry to the stadium area and use the four fleets deployed
Locations in the city.

Airport Shuttle: from 6:30 pm will be available to the fans of the following focuses Talis out:-levels neighborhood, Neve in werewolf high school Burger, and osermil-police, 9-Grand Canyon
This will return the fans with the game of which went the fans coming.
The stadium. 

Traffic arrangements:
From 6 pm to close to traffic the following streets:
David Elazar Street. אצ”ל; Yehuda halevy Street – Ibn Ezra; Reger Blvd. – Saint from Jerusalem; Unauthorized vehicle entrance is possible only through the blockage at Yehuda Halevi streets – Ibn Ezra, did not permit the arrival details to vehicles Turner Stadium. 

The police put officers and undercover to maintain order and security and to work with determination and zero
Tolerance against anyone who tries to violate the order.
We encourage residents and fans to be patient and follow the instructions.

Translated from Hebrew