Majestic warriors stationed at Tapuah junction disarmed suspect armed with a knife and tried to stab. “Keep maximum alertness
Stabbing at Apple: in the morning came to suspect vehicle and stopped next to the Warriors
Border guard stationed at the site. The driver got out of the car and ran towards the warriors with a gun in his hand. Team
The Warriors shot and defuse it. There were no casualties among the combatants.

“We identified
The bomber of the car with a knife in his hand. Right now the way the weapon and shot him. Thankfully the incident
Ended quickly and avoided attacks on human life “-Dr. סמ״ש, foiled with the bombing.
The stabbing at the Tapuah junction, restore.

The warrior who survived a stabbing added: “if my friends weren’t acting quickly.
And professionally, he could very well wouldn’t be standing here now. We are required to maintain
Alertness and vigilance of all-and so it was full again.

Lieutenant Commander John Commander, איו״ש berick,
He praised the rapid response and fighters, saying: “the fighters acted professionally and determination
Just as you might expect from a border patrol. They brought the case to an end within a few seconds.
And no casualties among troops.

Translated from Hebrew