​L-Thyroxin drops 100 mcg serve for the treatment of inadequate function of the thyroid glands. This preparation is given as drops for a small group of patients who cannot use tablets. The preparation is imported by “Clalit” Health Services for this HMO’s patients. 
A report was received today by the Ministry of Health from “Clalit” regarding white residues that were seen in a number of bottles of the above lots of the preparation. In view of the risk of impaired efficacy of the preparation due to the presence of these residues, guidelines have been issued today by the Ministry of Health to “Clalit”, and “Clalit” is acting accordingly. It has been decided to recall the above lots from pharmacies and patients.
Guidelines for patients treated with this preparation (these guidelines refer only to lot numbers 301614 and 301714): “Clalit” Health Services has been asked to ensure that all patients have returned the preparation to the pharmacy and received a replacement preparation, and also that the patients visit their physician in order to carry out testing of thyroid function, and also that they repeat the blood tests 6 weeks after replacing the preparation. The patients are asked to visit the pharmacy in order to replace the preparation, and their physician in order to perform tests and follow-up.