Fresenius has announced a recall of Heparin, due to the discovery of particles in solution of the preparation ​

The preparation serves to prevent blood clots and is used extensively in dialysis, catheterizations and thrombotic events, primary in the framework of hospitals and dialysis institutes. The minority of use is in the patient’s home.
The Ministry of Health and the HMOs (kupot cholim) have made arrangements to enable the supply of a therapeutic alternative, by means of supply of Heparin from other companies. During the course of the day, the Ministry of Health held many talks with relevant professional parties, the pharmaceutical company, skilled pharmacists and physicians, representatives of the HMOs, etc.
The Ministry of Health has directed the hospitals and dialysis institutes as to how to conduct themselves. 
Patients who use the preparation at home and inject it intravenously are required to go to the hospital nearest to their home, to receive a substitute preparation. Patients who use the preparation for subcutaneous injection or to flush the catheter are required to contact the HMO (kupat cholim) at which they are insured tomorrow, 
in order to receive a substitute preparation.
It is emphasized that no reports of clinical events connected to this defect have been received so far from patients or from health care practitioners.

Recall of Heparin by Fresenius