It’s been two years since Israel joined the global effort in assisting Haiti’s earthquake victims.

Remembering Haiti: Two Years Later

IDF (Zahal) reserve soldiers rescue a Haitian man from a government building. Photo: IDF (Zahal) Spokesperson.

IDF (Zahal) personnel won’t forget the day when residents of Port-Au-Prince cheered and shouted, “We love Israel,” after IDF (Zahal) personnel rescued a survivor who had been trapped under rubble for four days.

The aid delegation included IDF (Zahal) physicians and reserve soldiers from the Home Front Command’s Search and Rescue unit.

The Israeli delegation partnered with local and foreign medical teams to save lives. At the IDF (Zahal) field hospitals, Israeli medical personnel treated more than 1,110 patients, completed 319 successful surgeries and delivered 16 births.

Remembering Haiti: Two Years Later

IDF (Zahal) doctors in Port au Prince deliver a baby at the IDF (Zahal) field hospital.

CNN: IDF (Zahal) field hospitals in Haiti were the “only ones operating.”