Today, February 7, is the International Safer Internet Day. To mark the occasion, the IDF (Zahal) embarked on an awareness campaign and sent 90 officers and soldiers from the Teleprocessing Corps to schools all over the country, in order to explain to students the basics of online safety.

Safer Internet Day in the IDF

Lt. Col. Orit Tatresky, the commander of the military school of computer courses:

“The goal of the project is to serve the Israeli people any way we can, and not only by physically guarding Israeli citizens, but also by sharing our knowledge and information with them. Even though kids today know more about computers and Internet than any other generation, they’re still kids–kids that need to be guarded.”

Safer Internet Day in the IDF

IDF (Zahal) officers teaching web-safety to children

“Our main goal is to create web safety awareness for the youth of Israel in preparation for joining the IDF (Zahal). We’re now working on creating our very own  military social network, and before we do so we need to know that all of our soldiers know the principals of online security.”