The Ministry of Health is publicizing a general refresher on safety precautions in purchasing and handling edible raw fish ​

With the upcoming holiday and the preparations for the festive dinners, the Ministry of Health is providing this refresher on the safety rules intended to prevent infection by the Vibrio vulnificus bacteria, especially with the following fish: Tilapia, Mullet and Sea Bream.
The Vibrio vulnificus bacteria may cause sever infections. The infection is characterized by severe pain, edema, welts, subcutaneous inflammation, and in some cases even sepsis.
According to the date of the Epidemiology Division of the Ministry of Health, 12 cases of illness were reported in 2013 with laboratory diagnosis of Vibrio vulnificus.
In order to prevent infection it is recommended to:
  1. Only buy fish from authorized retailers (holders of a business license).
  2. Make sure that the fish displayed in the refrigerator is stored on a bed of ice.
  3. As a rule, you should not buy fish directly from the fish ponds or from open stalls without proper refrigeration.
  4. Avoid direct contact with live or fresh fish.
  5. Do not buy live or whole refrigerated fish. Be sure to buy only fish that have been de-finned and de-scaled.
  6. For chronic disease patients, and/or for those with a weakened immune system, and/or with open sores on their hands, it is advised to avoid direct contact with the fish altogether.