Earlier this evening special ISA and Border Police forces operated in the areas of Hebron and Yatta in order to arrest a Salafist – Jihadi terrorist group that was planning to execute a terror attack in the upcoming days. Three of the terrorists were killed during the operation. The operatives were carrying explosive devices and two hand guns.

Investigations indicate that the members of the network were planning different terror attacks against Israeli targets and against the Palestinian Authority. Over the past few months, the members of the terrorist network acted to organize an expanded terror infrastructure, which included preparing and manufacturing explosives, purchasing weapons and arranging an apartment for hiding.

Before the activity, security forces arrested a number of members of the terrorist network in the areas of Yatir and Nablus.

Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, IDF (Zahal) Spokesman: “This terrorist network is just a sample of those who try to harm Israeli civilians and undermine the existing security stability. Operational access combined with quality intelligence gives us the upper hand on these evildoers and their beastly intentions. It is our obligation to prevent them from fulfilling their detestable fantasies.”