Results from samples taken in the area of a fire that burned a building containing asbestos finds low levels of asbestos fibers. Still, workers are removing the asbestos from the area, and residents are asked not to remain outside for prolonged periods within 50 meters of the site. The buillding, at 6 Hayarkon Street, was ablaze for four days last week, until the fire was finally extinguished on June 8, 2014.

Sampling: Samples commissioned by the MoEP to test for the presence of asbestos fibers in the air found that the levels of fibers were below the standards. In one sample, the value was 400 fibers/m3, whereas the standard is 1,000 fibers/m3. Most of the other samples did not show the presence of any asbestos at all.

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Cleanup: An asbestos removal process began within hours after the fire was put out on Sunday evening, June 8th. The process is expected to last for approximately 10 days.

Instructions for those in the area: While the samples found no reason to be concerned, those within 50 meters of the site are still asked to abide by the following instructions:

  • Avoid remaining outdoors, or in buildings that are partially open such as garages, for long periods of time.
  • Do not open windows of your building that face the fire site. Do not operate air conditioners that take in external air from the ground level.
  • If you notice that windows facing the site were open, or that an air conditioner taking in external air from the ground level is operating, wipe the surfaces (windows, shelves, floor) with a wet rag, then double bag the rag and throw it out.
  • If there is an odor of fire in your building, the following populations should evacuate the floor: pregnant women, asthma sufferers, those with cardiovascular problems, and those with other breathing problems.


For additional questions, you may contact the MoEP Environmental Center: *6911, or the MoEP’s Tel Aviv District office: 03-763-4444.