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 Summary of editorials from the Hebrew press


All the newspapers discuss events related to the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday night:
The Jerusalem Post joins in with the international community in condemning terrorism in the strongest possible terms and asserts: “It’s time for the civilized world to stop talking and to take action. ISIS must be recognized for what it is – a barbaric terrorist organization seeking to establish a radical caliphate throughout the Middle East. It must be stopped.”
Haaretz declares: “Every civilized person, regardless of religion or national origin, shares in the deep grief of the French people and in the sense of boundless rage over these savage attacks. France is not the only victim of this barbarity: Every country and every culture — Western, Arab, Christian, Jewish and Muslim — is in the crosshairs of those who have decided to teach a lesson to people who do not accept their criminal ideology,” but caution against emotional reactions calling for immediate revenge: “Physical and cultural withdrawal, the persecution of Muslims solely because they are Muslim and draconic legislation in the name of fighting terror will only aid terror organizations toward their goal of creating persecuted communities in the West.”
Yediot Aharonot asserts: “It is time that we came to the realization: we are in the midst of World War III,” and declares: “We need to prepare for further attacks not only in France, but throughout Europe.” The author states that “The world war between murderous fundamentalist Islam and Western civilization – and basically anyone and anything not Muslim – will have to be waged without compromise and without half-steps on land, air and sea,” and clarifies: “the current wave of terrorism has nothing to do with the ‘occupation of Palestine.’"
Israel Hayom contends that the devastating blow dealt by the Islamic State group to Paris on Friday should not have come as a surprise to anyone, and states: “The writing was on the wall, and anyone following this terrorist group’s activities since it has set on its journey to establish a caliphate in the heart of the Middle East, knew that a terrorist attack seeking to replicate 9/11 was only a matter of time.” The author hopes the French will not practice what they usually preach to Israel in these cases, and attempt to seek a compromise with the terrorists, but recommends they rather “follow Israel’s example and wage a relentless war against terrorist organizations that have no real interest in dialogue, peace or coexistence, only in religious wars.”
[Ron Ben-Yishai and Eyal Zisser wrote today’s articles in Yediot Aharonot and Israel Hayom, respectively.]