Jerusalem Post
Yediot Aharonot
Israel Hayom

 Summary of editorials from the Hebrew press


The Jerusalem Post discusses the problem of collateral damage as it relates to terror attacks against civilians, and states: “We are called upon, with great reluctance, to defend ourselves by resorting to necessary violence; but we must do so by keeping collateral damage to a minimum, by carefully directing our fire, and by preserving our humanity.”
Haaretz believes that Israel should rethink its policy regarding “golden parachutes” for career soldiers, and states: “Kahlon should not rush into a deal for the defense budget before making substantial reforms in the IDF’s pension scheme.”
Yediot Aharonot contends that the penny still has not dropped in Europe. The author notes the frenzy that rocked the continent this past week, following the terror attacks in Paris and intelligence information that Islamic State members are planning to carry out further attacks against France, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Sweden, but points out that “the same Europe, in complete chaos, is busy helping moves initiated by the anti-Israel boycott campaign, which has turned into Hamas’ propaganda wing.”  The author argues that “years of accusing the Jews – in other words, Israel – of treating the Palestinians like the Nazis treated the Jews, years of total blindness towards the Palestinians’ rejection of any peace proposal, years of a self-brainwash, have led to intellectual disability among Europe’s elites in general, and Germany’s in particular,” and adds: “Terror isn’t opening the elites’ eyes, but is rather pushing them more and more towards self-deception.”
Israel Hayom remarks that the downing of a Russian SU-24 by Turkey last Tuesday “marked the first time in half a century that a plane belonging to a NATO member downed a Russian plane,” but notes that in all probability, the incident was caused by a misunderstanding. The author is concerned by the likelihood of a similar incident in Israeli air space, and states that that is why Israel is engaged in strategic coordination with Russia over the regional operations of the Israeli Air Force, adding: “The goal of this coordination is to prevent any incident similar to the one over the Turkey-Syria border on Tuesday morning.”
[Ben-Dror Yemini and Aharon Lapidot wrote today’s articles in Yediot Aharonot and Israel Hayom, respectively.]