This morning, a Syrian aircraft was identified while attempting to infiltrate Israeli airspace in the Golan Heights. The Israel Air Force retaliated by firing a Patriot anti-aircraft missile. The Syrian plane was successfully hit. This is a continuation of the growing tension this border has experienced in recent months.

The Israel-Syria border has been highly unstable over the last months. As the civil war rages in Syria, IDF (Zahal) forces have experienced combat in the region, both from targeted strikes and errant fire.

Syrian Plane Infiltrates Israeli Airspace, Shot Down

Most recently, IDF (Zahal) positions were hit by errant fire emanating from Syria in early September, wounding an IDF (Zahal) soldier. A few days earlier, on September 4, a projectile fired from Syria landed in the Golan Heights.

On August 31, a UAV attempted to infiltrate Israeli airspace and was directly targeted by a Patriot anti-aircraft missile.

In the midst of Operation Brother’s Keeper, on June 22, a 15 year old Israeli teenager was killed by an explosion along the border, injuring two other individuals. In response, the IDF (Zahal) targeted Syrian army positions, among them headquarters and missiles launching sites.

In March 2014, Hezbollah affiliated terrorists were identified while positioning improvised explosive devices along the Syria-Israel border in the Golan heights. In the same month, four IDF (Zahal) soldiers were injured by an explosive device that was activated while they were patrolling the border.

In May 2014, IDF (Zahal) intelligence captured footage of the bombing of the Syrian city of Nawa by the Syrian Army. The bombing was also captured by an amateur photographer in the city. The bombing took place 24 kilometers from the Israeli town of Hispin.

New Security Challenge on the Northern Front

The northern border with Lebanon also poses challenges to IDF (Zahal) forces. The border has remained relatively quiet in the past few years, though recent events are threatening to quickly deteriorate stability in the area. Hezbollah remains strongly present in southern Lebanon, and is now gaining experience in Syria.

The IDF (Zahal) considers any violation of Israeli airspace as a serious threat. As the Jewish New Year approaches, the IDF (Zahal) will not let down its guard and is determined to defend the State of Israel.