Border warfare neutralized terrorist who tried to stab her in Kiryat Arba. Reserve team of Armon Hanatziv Jazz disarmed a terrorist who drew the border after schinlohami today (Saturday) two stabbing attacks in Jerusalem and Hebron. Close to 30 went to the border fighting in a jungle base at Kiryat Arba, and asked her how to get to a certain place, pulled a knife and tried to stab her. Warrior run quickly and neutralized it.

“The terrorist pulled a knife and tried to stab me in the neck, I step back and shot her without hesitation,” said v. סמ”ש, border warfare, which neutralized the terrorist who came to the base from Kiryat Arba and tried to stab her. סמ”ש v. easily injured. “I reacted as any Warrior or warrior in the border, and thankfully the event ended that way and not get hurt.”

Warrior run “exactly as expected from it,” said the Commander of Judea and Samaria in bath space תנ”צ Uzi levy. “Recently, we have witnessed numerous attempts to harm security forces and civilians. So far, skilled forces and determined citizens alert and finish the event shortly, neutralize the perpetrator and prevent fatalities.

Citizen morning alert reported suspect in Armon Hanatziv to order border fighters in Parliament was in place. The Warriors began a search and located the suspect. When I asked him for i.d., pulled a knife and tried to stab one of the fighters. “The bomber was trying to stab me, and to me it Warrior page I stepped out and shot him up to nterolo, “said Commander.

In the evening two explosives were thrown at the police forces and border police in rioting at the entrance
To Issawiya, in which dozens of masked men threw stones and Molotov cocktails.
Done firing throws the trunk and leg injury detected. Locals got the wounded.
And finding and operations are carried out. The forces repelled the fruit right into the neighborhood of
Use measures.

Translated from Hebrew