Hundreds of warriors and fighters have finished training in basic training graduation ceremony at Tel Memorial Park and is now placed at friction points for maintaining confidence and warriors ישראל324 Warriors of the border completed their training at a ceremony held this evening (Wednesday) in Tel Memorial
Hadid. “A great responsibility rests on our shoulders and now also on shoulders to protect the citizens of Israel,”
He said the fighters from the border police commander, major General Amos Jacob. “I’m proud of the way you’ve done on
To reach this status. Good luck on your way.

Base, תנ”צ training
Shimon dadon, said: “in recent months the border fighters proved once again that they are the first
In the front line, and courage, resourcefulness and determination. You have the tools to become fighters.
And warriors, and to strive for. These tools use your service. Raised and managed. “

Translated from Hebrew