Haifa station ready for the annual ceremony to commemorate the victims. The police will secure the hinge block, and ichooino the tnoabiom 721 Tuesday, 1.12, at 2 pm, there will be an annual ceremony to commemorate the victims of the Carmel disaster monument
In opposite Kibbutz Beit Oren. To do so, from 10:00 to close border Haifa station timeline
721 for vehicles between junction Beit Oren junction and Damun prison, except for the entry of residents of Beit Oren
And its employees.
12 close the route entirely, except residents of Beit Oren (with ת”ז).

From 11:00 is the value beside monument
Two parking lots:
Beit Oren River parking lot near highway 4 garage damoon prison from 672 road/direction. 

Next to the parking lot designated iochschr cowboy
Certificate owners and authorized.

Please note that dragging will operate instead began an hour.
7:00 am and will run until the end of the event.

Translated from Hebrew