The border fighters spotted the vehicle at speed towards civilians in Tapuah junction, fired at the vehicle and אותו”הבחנו disabled driving towards the citizens quickly and realize it in an override. The way we were shooting weapons and to dismantle the terrorist “told a border fighter, Sgt. m after he and Rashi b morning disarmed the terrorist attack carried out by overriding the Tapuah junction.

The Warriors gave primary health care for the injured, which then were treated by medical teams and fourth and later evacuated to hospitals.

Border guard commander, major General Amos Yaakov, said: “we again witnessed terrorist hard it injured innocent civilians. The warriors and the operational response resulted in the conclusion of the event before the bomber managed to continue the journey. To us with the wounded and we wish to recuperate fast.

Space Commander c תנ”צ, Judea, an Uzi to the commanders and the fighters at the scene,” the lessons due to the increased use of override attacks committed reactivation, professionally and fast exactly as required in this type of complex events “.

Translated from Hebrew