Agent who acted as drug traffickers battle revealed scooter thief gang operating in a: the investigation were the scooters to balihamsochn
Pigeon which was started by a space open amongst dealers, occurred during
Activity also scooter thief gang operating in the area. The trusted agent of
The gang and bought them stolen scooters.

Termination of operation of agent arrested dozens of criminals who incriminate, including members of a gang of thieves.
The scooters. When the investigation and testimonies received stolen scooters owners a phone
A police officer who was a member of the investigation team. He proclaimed that the scooter was stolen is
And invited them to the police station to accept them back.

Space Commander
נצ”מ, David guez, praised the successful activity of the agent and specify that in addition to keeping
Gang members off the streets and reduce theft incidents, the police return part
Owners of the stolen aktanoim strengthens public confidence in the organization.

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Translated from Hebrew