Dust storm, Haifa, Sept. 9, 2015 Photo: Ilan Malester

Third Day of Dust Storm: Air Pollution Still Very High in Much of Israel
Dust storm, Haifa, Sept. 9, 2015
Photo: Ilan Malester

Thursday, Sept. 10, 2015, 11:00: Dust is still covering much of Israel, and air pollution is still very high, as the storm that blew in from Syria on Tuesday continues.


How to stay safe

  1. Vulnerable populations are still being advised to remain indoors. These include: those with heart and respiratory disease, the elderly, children, and pregnant women.
  2. Schools are being advised to keep students inside during recess.
  3. Healthy people are advised to abstain from unnecessary physical activity outside.


Air pollution levels
​While there has been some improvement in the concentrations of particulate matter in the air over the past two days, there is still a lot of dust, and air pollution remains high. Dust level concentrations are twice as high as the "warning value" – the value at which there is risk to public health.

Forecast for Friday, Sept. 11th

Air quality is expected to improve gradually, as the dust settles, though pollution is expected to remain high tomorrow, Friday, Sept. 11th. Air quality throughout Israel is expected to be significantly clearer by the end of the week.

Continual updates

The Ministry of Environmental Protection will continue to update the public based on data obtained from air quality monitoring stations throughout the country, through alert "pop-ups" on the WAZE navigation app, in areas where relevant.

Following is data from the Ministry of Environmental Protection’s air monitoring stations, updated at 7:00, Thurs., Sept. 10th:


Region Station ​Running average from past 24 hours (mg / m3)  Maximal concentration (mg / m3) for 30 minutes​ North​

​Western Galilee ​1630 ​2030

Jezreel Valley​

​Afula ​1810 ​2400


​Neve Sha’anan ​1440 ​2376


​Kiryat Ata ​1310 ​2748

Tel Aviv metropolitan area (Gush Dan)​

​Givataim ​1474 ​4165


​Ariel ​1155 ​1485

Southern coastal plain​

​Nir Galim ​970 ​2368 Ashkelon​ 650​ 1749​

Interior lowlands​

​Modi’in ​1730 ​2155 Bet Shemesh​ 2075​ 10288​


Safra ​1198 ​2433

​Northern Negev region

Be’er Sheva ​921 ​1357

​Negev region

​Eastern Negev ​1136 ​1776