Complete preparation for social protests in the city centre. Several roads are blocked. Before the movement the Yarkon was space mlaimmshtert social protest is expected to take place on Saturday, on 28.11.15, from 7:30 to 11:30 p.m.. During the week the organizers request ordered to check in. The request was approved by the police, which will help organizers. Protest organizers pledged that public order is maintained and blocked roads but the axes that are blocked by the police.

Due to the security situation large forces of police and border police escort and secure the marchers along the walking path that wish and will end at the square. Police policy is to allow free speech and legitimate protest and to enforce the law, determined way towards those who choose to break the law and order and who act violently. A walking track outside Greece that many streets blocked numerous roads.

Parade route: the square, Marmorek, Ibn Gabirol, Kings of Israel, excellent, Masaryk square, King George, Ben Zion and back to the stage. Also block the streets, plus:

Rothschild Boulevard toward the Hasmonean Kaplan Street for street to Ibn Gabirol King George closed the Allenby Street to Masaryk square in both directions bugrashov closes Ben Yehuda Street to King George even gvirol and arlozorov Street will be closed to both directions Marmorek hashmonaim Street closes Dizengoff Street for close of Ibn Gabirol to pinsker in both directions close Shaul Weizman Street Solomon Frishman street close to King George v rule the Municipal Hall and the theater are kindly requested to bring their arrival due to traffic.

Translated from Hebrew