The night race in central city axis which Ibn Gabirol pharmacy, pharmacist and third iridimbium, 20 October 2015, will run overnight in Tel Aviv from 8 pm until midnight. The race starts at bar and will Solomon ibn Gabirol Street, Dizengoff, Ben Gurion, King George, Ben Zion Avenue, תרס”ט, Raines, the Kings of Israel, Yehuda macabi, Namir, rokach Blvd. to the end point in the build.

Starting at 19:00 will be blocked to traffic axes and the streets leading to them:
Ibn Gabirol Street blocked to traffic from King Shaul Blvd. pharmacist in both directions.
Reiness blocked traffic to Dizengoff square.
King George Street, Allenby is blocked to traffic to Masaryk square in both directions.
Ben Zion Avenue blocked to traffic in both directions.
Rothchild blocked traffic to the Hasmonean Dynasty.
The street is blocked to traffic Marmorek Ibn Gabirol.
Kaplan Street is blocked to traffic from Menachem begin to Eben gvirol St. to the West.
David hamelech Boulevard will be blocked to traffic from oitzman to Ibn Gabirol.
Dizengoff Street is blocked to traffic from Ibn gvirol and arlozorov far in both directions.
Ben Gurion Boulevard blocked traffic until Ben Yehuda Ibn Gabirol in both directions.
Arlozorov Street blocked to traffic from oitzman to Ben Yehuda in both directions.
The street is blocked to traffic oitzman book until Eben gvirol St. to the West.
Yehuda Maccabi streets blocked to traffic from Ibn Gabirol until Namir both ways.
Son Ephraim, rokach Blvd. West blocked traffic until the Jewish Ibn Gabirol.
Rokach Blvd. East blocked traffic until Namir Ibn Gabirol.
Namir South blocked traffic from apothecary to Judah.
It is blocking access to South Namir junct, depending on traffic.
Belt Parkway to the North blocked the exits to the demon ‘ and the exhibition center.
Parkway South to exit the medulla is a pharmacist.

Traffic arrangements
No parking is allowed in vehicles running from Tuesday, 20.10.2015:00 Parked car fender.
Ibn Gabirol junction/pharmacist: during the race will travel from Ibn Gabirol from Agnon Street way right onto the exhibit to the West (towards the port and the Yarkon Street) and will drive the street exhibition/independence/Harbor complex at Ibn Gabirol, pharmacist who left Shai Agnon.
Public drivers not participating in the event are advised to avoid coming to the area from 18:00 until 00:30.
It is recommended to use WAZE app, which marked her blocking and closing the delegates, including delegates and updates during the event.
For all the relevant topic for the event contact email: public event attendees are asked to use the following garages to run indefinitely: the Weizmann Center, parking garage, drive-in Convention Center, Tel Aviv University, parking lots, underground car park, a miniature golf course, riding the Tel Aviv airport parking lots, playgrounds, Joshua, Dekel the following parking lots will run until 18:00 Basel, parking garage Ben scan

Translated from Hebrew