Today, Daniel Shapiro, the new U.S. Ambassador to Israel, paid a working visit to the site of a deployed Iron Dome anti-rocket battery near Ashkelon, Israel; a southern Israeli city shaken by constant rocket attacks.

US Ambassador to Israel Applauds Israel’s Iron Dome System

US Amb. to Israel Dan Shapiro meets with Col. Zvika Haimovitch. Photo: Roni Aviv, Bamahane.

“I’m pleased to be here with my friends from the IDF (Zahal) and learn from them about the successful Iron Dome system,” said Shapiro.

After receiving a briefing on the system, the ambassador discussed U.S. support for anti-missile systems utilized by the IDF (Zahal): Iron Dome, Magic Wand and Arrow.

“April marked the first success of this new technology, made possible by the well-trained, brilliant IDF (Zahal) operators.” Shapiro said. “In the name of the U.S., I am proud to be part of this great accomplishment to defeat missiles launched at civilians and I am looking forward to the continued development of the system to protect more people.”

The redeployment of the Iron Dome anti-rocket battery is in response to the recent escalation in rocket fire emanating from the Gaza Strip.

US Ambassador to Israel Applauds Israel’s Iron Dome System

The Iron Dome battery is a system designed to defend Israeli civilians from rocket fire. Photo: Noa Adar, Bamahane.

Colonel Zvika Haimovitch addressed the recent redeployment of the Iron Dome in the south:

“The objective of the Iron Dome is to defend Israel’s people and communities, regardless of location or time frame. We adjust to changing circumstances. I do not consider this redeployment to be unusual.”

The Iron Dome system was designed as a response to the threats Israel faces from short-range rockets and mortar shells. The system has the capability to identify and destroy such projectiles before they land in Israeli territory. It has the capability to determine where an incoming projectile will land and only intercepts projectiles that pose meaningful threats.