The Ministry of Health repeats its warning against the use of hair care products that do not comply with Ministry of Health Guidelines ​

In the wake of questions received by the Ministry of Health from citizens regarding hair straightening in hairdressing salons and generally, and their use of accessories, below are a number of clarifications regarding this topic:
  • Make sure that hair masks and hair straightening products are used in the manner permitted under the conditions of the license and the instructions for use specified in the license. The Ministry of Health has learned that in order to carry out hair straightening, hair masks approved by the Cosmetics and Toiletries Department of the Ministry of Health are used, with changes to their composition (addition of ingredients) and deviation from the usage instructions determined in the framework of the registration.
  • There is use of “ceramic straighteners” for straightening hair. This device heats hair to extremely high temperatures – this procedure is liable to cause damage, and its effect in combination with hair products has not been assessed. The safety of hair straighteners and flat irons in combination with additional products has not been determined.
  • The public is asked to carefully check the treatment they are offered at hairdressing salons, and to make sure that approved substances only are used in the treatment, that external ingredients such as “formaldehyde” are not added, and that their use is in accordance with the instruction for use. This is a dangerous substance, for which there is no approval whatsoever for use in the framework of hair straightening.
  • The Ministry of Health warns hairdressers that adding or using formaldehyde is dangerous to health, and could impair their own health and that of their customers. It is therefore necessary to carefully check that substances used are approved substances, which were not mixed with any additional ingredients.