Following the recent terrorist attacks in Sinai, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has instructed National Security Council (NSC) Chairman Giora Eiland to coordinate accelerated staff work on procedures regarding travel warnings for Israelis going abroad.
NSC Chairman Eiland has appointed several working teams to examine the following issues: The process of formulating travel warnings; procedures for issuing and distributing travel warnings; comparing the foregoing to procedures in Western countries; the possibility of rating travel warnings; possible steps against those who violate travel warnings; and the limits of
the state’s responsibility for its citizens(outside national territory).
The aforementioned staff work is underway and is due to be concluded by mid November.  A detailed report, complete with conclusions and recommendations, will be submitted to Prime Minister Sharon at that time.
Therefore, recent media reports regarding an apparent decision on the creation of ratings for travel warnings are incorrect.  The issue is being considered by the NSC in the context of the aforementioned staff work, by
(inter alia; see above) examining travel warning procedures in western countries, some of which do rate travel warnings.