WATCH: Elite Canine Unit Searches for Kidnapped Teens

Soldiers and dogs in the Oketz unit are working tirelessly to find three kidnapped teenagers in Judea and Samaria. 

Oketz (Hebrew: ‘Sting’) is the IDF (Zahal)’s elite canine unit and the best of its kind in the world. The unit’s soldiers undergo intense training to lead infantry forces and special units into battle. They prepare year round to join IDF (Zahal) troops in all sorts of situations, from basic missions to the most complex operations.

Most of the dogs in the unit are German, Dutch and Belgian Shepherds. The dogs are highly disciplined, well-built, athletic, and made for the IDF (Zahal)’s work. Their advanced training in Oketz teaches them to locate explosives, rescue disaster victims, and chase terrorists if necessary.

WATCH: Elite Canine Unit Searches for Kidnapped Teens

Throughout Operation Brother’s Keeper, dozens of Oketz soldiers and dogs have joined other forces in the field. The unit has uncovered bombs, weapons and terror suspects connected to the abduction. Their unique skills have also helped IDF (Zahal) forces arrest hundreds of Hamas terrorists.