Earlier today, soldiers reported rocket fire while operating in the vicinity of the security fence. The fire was aimed at the soldiers; no injuries were reported in this attack.

In response, the IAF retaliated and targeted a weapon manufacturing facility, two terror tunnels in the southern Gaza Strip, and a location used for terror activity in the northern Gaza Strip. Direct hits were confirmed.

Watch IAF as targets the weapons-manufacturing facility in the Gaza Strip:

Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, IDF (Zahal) Spokesman: “This morning IDF (Zahal) soldiers came under terrorist fire while engaging in a counter-terrorism activity. Attempts of attacking soldiers will not, by any means, be tolerated by the IDF (Zahal). The IDF (Zahal) maintains the right to combat terrorists abusing the Gaza Strip as a springboard for such attacks against Israeli civilians and its forces.”

WATCH: In Response to Rocket Fire, IAF Targets Terror Infrastructure in the Gaza Strip