Acting Commissioner stressed that the security systems were all Israel police stations and praised recent civil awareness returned the peace and public order to the Temple Mount, and a significant decline in throwing stones and incendiary bottles-a phenomenon that does not exist. At the same time, arrested hundreds suspected of involvement in the violations that occurred during the order and we continue with the process of accountability, “– stressed today that acting Chief of police, benzi Sao, referring to the Israel Police activity in recent times.

He added that in most parts of the country, there are no riots or clashes between the population
Arab police forces. “This is a result of the dialogue over the years with the local leadership
And community, “said the Commissioner. “I expressed the appreciation of the Arab leadership, which used responsibly and reducing the
The scope of the events “.

CAO is asked to express his appreciation to the general public in Israel, “I very excited from the encounter with citizens of the State of Israel. Citizens demonstrate their appreciation and support for the police. This is happening throughout the country, the Israel Police public trust is very high and I have a lot of respect for the citizens of the State of Israel. “

Referring to the police staging area, explained: “we got the security values in each of the Israel police stations. We raised three reserve brigades of c. immigrants percentage of reservists is very high, high motivation, and how to perform the task correctly. This week we also only operational activity of canine patrol operators and is incorporated in the friction points and securing roads.

He added acting Commissioner that Security Division of Israel Police works to promote the training of security guards. About 900
Other guards are training arena at the end of the month on security in public transport. In addition
Guards of the prison service college trained police studies and are integrated units
The task of security police, security and improving the public’s sense of security. “There is
Reinforcement of a lot of security systems in public spaces – schools, educational institutions
And places where concentrations. These organizations are guided by the Security Police Division
Israel “.

Translated from Hebrew