In two stabbing attacks in Pisgat Zeev and Damascus Gate and security took on the terrorists and prevented the continuation of attacks on innocents pshashni aged 12-13 stabbed today (Tuesday) the guard rail on the street yekutiel Adam in Pisgat Zeev. The security guard, who was injured, was able to shoot and disable one of the guerrillas. Train passengers took control of the second bomber until the arrival of the police. The security guard facing the Shaare Zedek Hospital.

סנ״צ, station Commander Avi Cohen, said: “the rapid response and determination of the guard rail and passengers prevented the continuation of attacks on innocent people.”

Immediately after stabbing attempt reported at the Damascus Gate in the old city. Two security guards who marched in the street of the prophets toward the gate noticed the person follow. The suspect pulled out a knife and advanced toward them and guards drew their guns, shot bomber and disarmed him. The security guards were not harmed.

Space Commander, נצ״מ acmmechv, said that after security and stabbing people in the quick and professional response. We continue with increased preparations in Jerusalem to maintain security.

Translated from Hebrew