Imagine what would happen if a plane with 60 passengers crashed in the middle of a major city. Israeli rescuers confronted this scenario during a recent exercise in Tel Aviv.

Last week, IDF and civilian rescuers conducted an exercise that simulated a plane crash in the middle of a city. The exercise tested the ability of evacuation teams to treat wounded survivors, examining the cooperation between IDF and civilian rescue teams. The advanced drill took place on the Sde Dov airbase – located near a civilian airport in Tel Aviv.

What Happens If a Plane Crashes in Tel Aviv?

When the exercise began, 60 people acting as passengers sat inside of a civilian airplane. Firefighters ran quickly toward the aircraft and simulated the process of putting out a fire. Moments later, the firefighters broke down the door of the plane, evacuating wounded victims and bringing them to a marked area for IDF medical personnel. As the medics practiced administering first aid, they received stretchers to absorb the growing number of injured victims.

“All of the forces participating in this exercise understand their responsibility and obligation to save human lives at the critical moment, and this results in a winning combination,” explained Brigadier General Y, the commander of the base.  As the simulation intensified, teams from Magen David Adom and civilian firefighters joined the effort. They began to evacuate additional victims according to the severity of their injuries.

What Happens If a Plane Crashes in Tel Aviv?

“In total, we had about 20 firetrucks and ambulances, some of which were civilian and some of which were from the base,” explained Brig. Gen. Y. “Inside of the base, there isn’t a large number of emergency vehicles, and cooperation is what allows us to succeed.”

The commander of the flying squadron at the Sde Dov base, Lieutenant Colonel Dadi Menashe, expressed satisfaction with the success of the simulation. “Our goal was to test the abilities of the forces to deal with the event of a plane crash. Despite the fact that it was very challenging, the response was excellent,” he said.