Khader Adnan is a high-ranking member of the internationally recognized terrorist organization, Islamic Jihad, which has encouraged and overseen the murder of Israelis. Adnan, a seasoned propagandist, is now trying for the second time to use a hunger strike as a means of garnering international sympathy.

Adnan’s hunger ‘plight’ is well-documented in mainstream media, but the hundreds of news articles provide little information into his past. The fact that Adnan has a long list of crimes is a minor detail that need only be glossed over; besides the half-dozen times he has been detained by Israeli authorities for terror-related offenses, Adnan has also been arrested by the Palestinian Authority (as reported by Ma’an news agency on September 30, 2010).

He has taken the initiative in calling for terror attacks against Israel. On June 8, 2005, the Boston Globe identified Adnan as an “Islamic Jihad spokesman,” and quoted him repudiating any sort of ceasefire with Israel, and urging all Palestinian terror groups to resume fighting with Israel.