Border Guard Commander visited the hospital, the wounded warrior regiment commander in the stabbing attack in the old city on the border iroshlimmpacd, Amos Jacob visited the hospital a border fighter wounded in a stabbing that occurred today (Sunday) in the old city of Jerusalem.

This morning, around 8 a.m., came across a team of Palestinian fighters stationed in the jungle. He suddenly pulled out a knife and began to stab סמ״ר 3 in the neck, the Warrior snapped quickly and along with team leader made accurate shooting at the terrorist. I felt a sharp blow and pain in my neck and when I turned around I saw the bomber with a Lupe. Team leader through the weapon and firing, I joined and together we disabled the bomber. ע׳ was alert and responded quickly to the incident, I thank him for כך״, reconstructed the Warrior.

3 received primary health care at the scene and then evacuated to Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital when its status is set to mild to moderate.

Visit the Sgt.-major a., dismantle the terrorist. Sgt.-major ע׳ contact the wounded warrior and said to him: “you’re a hero when I recover relax and think how you respond, no other Word to describe it.”

Border guard commander, major General Amos Yaakov, said ״אני proud, running steadily, just as we expect from a fighter. A central part of our job is to be stationed in contentious sensitivity, so that if a terrorist gets to the point of impact to be skilled warriors, son who know how to respond, not innocent civilians.

Translated from Hebrew