The suspects were arrested after throwing stones and rocks toward police officers, when powers activity after the murder of Prosecutor itrachart checkpoint filed against eight suspects arrested last girl cemetery, after throwing stones and rocks at the police force guarding the vehicle from which the shots were fired in the morning at the checkpoint area.

Yesterday, after a search by police found the vehicle in a black cemetery, began a barrage of stones and rocks were thrown at the police who spotted one of the suspects tried
To approach the vehicle and set it off. One of the policemen was injured by a stone.

The police, who prevented the suspects near the car, arrested 11 suspects involved and will be filed today.
Da’s statement and request for detention until the end of proceedings against eight of them.
It was reported that the towns police girl continues preparations and that the police take zero tolerance towards
Throwers who involved in the violence and bring accountability with those involved.

Yesterday morning near the string executed by gunfire from a vehicle to another vehicle. The scene turns gunshot wound in
, A resident of girl in the 1940s, and later was pronounced dead at the hospital.
The background is probably a reaction to the murder in girl on Friday. The investigation is ongoing.

Translated from Hebrew