The program took part in teenagers from the ultra-Orthodox sector on the brink of delinquency. They learned of plans for police work and the importance in habrarb (Tuesday) was a program’s graduation night in Beit Shemesh. The program was attended by 20 youths from the Orthodox sector in Beit Shemesh. The ceremony was held in the presence of the Jerusalem District Commander, command staff, and House station command municipal officials.

With the decision on the existence of the program in the city of Beit Shemesh, the decision by the station commander to concentrate efforts on identifying youth who are on the verge of criminality, the youth who spend time roaming the streets and therefore are they potential criminality.

The police Chief of Beit Shemesh the spotted the boys in the streets of the city, assisted by ׳עיר project without אלימות׳. The boys refused to take part in the program, because for them the police was perceived as a negative factor that needs to be deterred. After many hours of conversations with teens and their parents calls they agreed to participate in the activity.

The activity began about six months ago and was accompanied by the Commander of the community police in the control station and monitored by the municipal authorities. The activity accompanied a group of 20 youths aged 16-17 instead of hang out every day on the street would come to the task with the police officials in Beit Shemesh and for the first time in their lives to see a positive meeting with a policeman, ‘ the other side ‘ of law enforcement officials, to hear the policeman what’s future moves and what should be in this place. It also conducted experiential activities (excursions, sports games, workshops and leadership values, etc.) that led to the formation of the youth in addition to action against the parents.

Parents of teenagers have turned to right and India on his appointment and the time devoted to children during the program and beyond and they saved their children. Another told the parents that they caught the police as a deterrent and alienated and they realize that the police, in addition to being an enforcer’s body makes the centers attentive to community residents. Education officials, parents of teenagers and their parents told Sun that the encounter felt change in boys who have become involved in the study, attentive and express interest in school, roam the streets and already looking forward to the next encounter with the Sun.

When propositioned to join police project, mocking, “said a representative of the students in the project. “I never thought I would be in contact with the police and we always thought only negative aspects. When we met the Commander of the police felt that כ’מי and snooty. Met a policeman and an amazing police who want to help and assist us in the right path. The project gave me another thought, thinking of giving, and the name “leading to Pruitt for youth (Ret.)”.

״חובה we help to them as teenagers, not to wait for the moment when they reach us as youth passes law, but found just before the offence was committed and to lead them to normal life, “said the Commander of the Jerusalem District. “The prevention phase of youth delinquency is poorest since it requires a lot of work and investment in finding the boys, endless conversations with parents and treatment, up to where the boy expressed confidence in the officer sees him as a man of faith and of life. We’ve put together a third candle day Hanukkah holiday also known as the Oracle ׳חג and I hope you continue to follow.

Translated from Hebrew