24,000 Flight Hours at One Table

24,000 flight hours around one table 24,000 Flight Hours at One Table

An Israeli F-15 at the McDonnell-Douglas Industries Thousands of flight hours and operational takeoffs meet who is responsible for creating the Phantom, Skyhawk and F-15. The Mcdonnell family meets the IAF family

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Veteran pilots of the Phantom, Skyhawk and F-15 planes met yesterday with John McDonnell: son of James Smith McDonnell, founder of “McDonnell Aircraft”, the corporation responsible for the creation, amongst others, of the Phantom, Skyhawk and F-15. A trip around the table tallied no less than 24,000 flight hours on the planes manufactured by the McDonnell family, which have served as the leading combat airplanes of the IAF for years.

The aviation world is no stranger to John McDonnell himself, son of the founder of the corporation: He served as the Chairman of the McDonnell Douglas Corporation from 1988 until its merger with Boeing in 1997 and as its Chief Executive Officer from 1988 until 1994. He has been a corporate director at Boeing since the 1997 merger.

When McDonnell landed in Israel with his wife Anne as a part of a delegation from the U.S, he was moved to receive the special invitation. Yesterday, he met with experienced veteran pilots, who are more than familiar with the production line of the McDonnell family: Lieutenant General (Res.) Dan Halutz, Major General (Res.) Gideon Sheffer, Major General (Res.) Giora Rom, Brigadier General (Res.) Yoel Plansho, Brigadier General (Res.) Avner Nave and Brigadier General Avi Barber, Vice President of Boeing Israel. Amongst stories of flying and legacy, McDonnell was interested in the challenges that the IAF faces today and shared with the table developments in the world of aviation from around the globe.