Following a gruesome suicide bomber attack during Passover “Seder”, which claimed the lives of 29 Israelis, the IDF embarks on operation “Homat Magen” (‘Defending Wall’)

The suicide bombing in the “Park” hotel in Netanya during Passover Eve was the deadliest of all terror bombings during the Intifadeh, and drove the IDF to re-occupy cities in the west bank. On Passover’s eve, while hundreds of diners were sitting at the “Seder” table, a suicide bomber disguised as a woman detonates his charge. 29 were killed in the attack, which was dubbed  “The Passover Massacre”. Shortly afterwards came several other terrorist acts, among them the suicide bombing that took place four days later in the “Matza” restaurant in Haifa, where 15 people were murdered. The IDF then embarked on operation “Homat Magen” (‘Defending Wall’). The operation’s purpose: eradication of terrorist facilities in the Palestinian Authority’s territories.